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How to delete FM WhatsApp status?

“Status” is one of the most common features used by FM WhatsApp users. Have you ever know how to delete FM WhatsApp status? And someone will worry about that did I make sure my deleted status is not seen by FM WhatsApp users.

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Following the below steps, and you do not worry about this situation will occur.

How to delete FM WhatsApp status:

  1. Open FM WhatsApp.
  2. Click on “Status” tab.
  3. And you will see “My Status” on the screen, tap on the 3 dots (which is show after the word “My Status” )of my status.
  4. After that, you can view all the “Status” that you have posted.
  5. Each “Status”, there will be three dots after.
  6. Pick the status that you want to delete and tap it three dots.
  7. And then, you’ll get a popup, click “Delete” option.
  8. Tap on “Delete” again on the new pop-up.

Wrapping Up

After you step-by-step doing it, you status will delete permanently, which means you can’t restore the deleted FM WhatsApp Status.

So, if you make a mistake when updating a FM WhatsApp status or just do not like it anymore, you know how to delete FM WhatsApp status now.

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