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How to Delete FM WhatsApp Contact?

FM WhatsApp APK helps us a lot in getting in touch with people, but do you know how to delete FM WhatsApp contacts? As the most popular chatting app, FM WhatsApp has a huge number of users. We use FM WhatsApp APK to connect with different people, such as our family, partners or colleagues, clients. I’m sure you always use FM WhatsApp to add friends too! However, there are certain times when you want to delete your contacts, such as when you have a fight with a friend, break up with your boyfriend/girlfriend or change jobs. So, how do you delete FM WhatsApp contacts? You’ll need to master this trick just in case!

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If you want to delete FM WhatsApp contacts from your address book, you only need to complete the following steps:

  1. Download FM WhatsApp and click on Chat
  2. You will see a green message icon in the bottom right corner, click on it
  3. Select the FM WhatsApp contact you want to delete and open a dialog with him.
  4. Click on the person’s name, then you will see a three-dot icon, click on it
  5. Once opened, a menu will appear and you will need to select view in address book
  6. At this point you can delete FM WhatsApp contact from your address book, simply select delete and confirm again.

Once you have done this, you can refresh your FM WhatsApp and you will see that the deleted contacts will no longer appear in your address book.

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