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How to Change Font in FM WhatsApp

FM WhatsApp has always been known for being able to change font. This is the biggest difference between FM WhatsApp and the original WhatsApp. You can see various FM WhatsApp promotions online. However, I believe the various promotions mention that FM WhatsApp has a large number of fonts and you can choose the font you want most from a large library of fonts to make your FM WhatsApp homepage more to your liking. The key thing is that it’s all free and ad-free. This is why many people choose to use FM WhatsApp. The original WhatsApp doesn’t offer so many fonts for you to choose from.

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Steps to change font in FM WhatsApp

Since FM WhatsApp can change font, how exactly do you do it? Check out the following steps and you will easily learn how to change font in FM WhatsApp.

  • Open FM WhatsApp, select CHATS and click on the vertical three-dot pattern in the top right corner. At this point you will see so many options, click on FMMods.
  • Click on Universal, where you can choose Style (Look and feel) and click here to change the font.
  • Once you are in Style (Look and feel), scroll down and you will find Font Style, click on it and you will see that there are many fonts to choose from. You can choose the one you like best from these fonts. Just click on the font you want to use. Once you have done this, go back to the FM WhatsApp homepage and you will see that the font has been changed to the one you have chosen.

Dear friends, to change font on FM WhatsApp is just three easy steps! You can easily master it and change font. What are you waiting for, try it out!

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