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Why your FM WhatsApp account was banned and How to Fix it?

If our system flags your account activity as a violation of our Terms of Service, we may ban your account. We may remove your ban after a review of your account activity so that you can access FM WhatsApp.

If your account is banned and has been unbanned, you will need to re-register your phone number on FM WhatsApp to ensure that you have access. You can download FM WhatsApp by visiting our official website.

FM WhatsApp can ban accounts for various reasons, the following eight reasons are summarized:

  1. Sending advertising messages to people who have not added your WhatsApp number to their address book;
  2. Sending a large number of messages to multiple WhatsApp users in a short period of time;
  3. Being reported by multiple people;
  4. Creating a large number of broadcast lists in a short period of time;
  5. Changing devices or IP frequently;
  6. Adding a large number of contacts and initiating chats in a short period of time;
  7. Logging in on a device that has been blocked from your account;
  8. Registering to use a cell phone number or email stability Not high.

You can appeal if your account has been banned by contacting FM WhatsApp support.

To contact FM WhatsApp support, open the app and go to Settings > Help > Contact us. There, you can submit a request to FM WhatsApp Support explaining the situation and requesting that the ban be lifted.

Or directly send email to the Technical Department : [email protected].
Explain your situation and your request on the email.

It is important to note that the decision to ban an account is final and cannot be appealed in all cases. Furthermore, please use caution.

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