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Update Fm Whatsapp

FM WhatsApp V9.93 Latest Version Download (by Fouad Mods): Advanced Enhancements – Update in Nov. 2023

FM WhatsApp

FM WhatsApp


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A few days ago, the highly anticipated FouadMods team announced that FM WhatsApphas once again received a brand new update – FM WhatsApp V9.93! This FM WhatsApp update is based on the original WA version It keeps up with the changing trends in technology and provides you with all the great features that the original WA had as much as possible. Also, this update adds exclusive features that will further enhance your app experience. Follow this article to take a quick look at this FM WhatsApp V9.93 changelog and keep exploring the surprises and conveniences about the FM WhatsApp update!

FM WhatsApp V9.93 Download

FM WhatsApp V9.93 changelog

  • Reintroduced Option for Night/Light Icon on Home:
    • Now customize your Home screen with the night/light icon feature.
  • Improved Hide View Status Functionality:
    • Resolved issues related to hiding view status on certain devices.
  • Enhanced Audio Recording with Rounded Entry:
    • Fixed audio recording concerns with a more streamlined rounded entry.
  • Resolved Swipe Row Features Glitch:
    • Enjoy a smoother experience with the fix for non-functional swipe row features.
  • Optimized UI to Eliminate Space When Scrolling:
    • Improved user interface by eliminating unnecessary space during scrolling.
  • Fixed Call Search Functionality:
    • Search through your calls effortlessly with the resolved search issue.
  • Rectified Bubble Bottom Bar Random Crashes:
    • No more unexpected crashes with the fix for random bubble bottom bar crashes.
  • Addressed Anti-View Once Issues:
    • Ensure privacy with the resolution of issues related to the anti-view once feature.
  • Resolved Storage Concerns on Android 14:
    • Fixed storage issues specific to Android 14 for a seamless experience.
  • Fixed Backup/Restore Issues on Android 13+:
    • Ensure a smooth backup and restore process on Android 13 and above.
  • Stability Improvements for Android 14 Theme Download:
    • Fixed the theme download issue on Android 14 for enhanced stability.
  • Enhanced Backup/Restore Compatibility on Android 14+:
    • Addressed backup and restore issues on Android 14 and above for a reliable process.
  • Eliminated Crashes on Older Devices:
    • Experience stability on older devices with the resolution of crash concerns.
  • Optimized iOS14 Entry Style:
    • Improved entry style for a seamless experience on iOS14 devices.
  • Stability in Calls History:
    • Resolved crashes in the calls history section on certain devices.
  • Prioritized Ghost Mode over Custom Privacy:
    • Ghost Mode now takes precedence, ensuring enhanced privacy settings.
  • Miscellaneous General Bug Fixes:
    • Several general bug fixes to provide an overall smoother and optimized user experience.

FM WhatsApp V9.93 is a free and ad-free chat platform, designed to offer maximum convenience for a seamless, fast and secure messaging experience. Why wait for the future when you can click the button here to download FM WhatsApp V9.93 and enjoy the cutting-edge WA Mods experience now?

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FM WhatsApp V9.90 Download: Great Update!

FM WhatsApp

Our Website:

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Official Announcement: FM WhatsApp V9.90 is now available! In this latest update of FM WhatsApp, our development team has not only maintained the stability of FM WhatsApp and fixed past issues but also introduced numerous exciting new features. This explains why FM WhatsApp shines so brightly and captivates countless users. Now, let’s explore together what changes FM WhatsApp V9.90 has brought!

FM WhatsApp V9.90 Download

Key Update: Ghost Mode

Previously, Ghost Mode did not exist in WhatsApp or its mods. However, by updating to FM WhatsApp V9.90, you can now enjoy this feature. With Ghost Mode activated, nobody can see your activities. Your last seen is frozen, others will think you haven’t received messages, opened messages won’t show blue ticks, and you can secretly view statuses.
In short, with Ghost Mode, you no longer need to adjust your privacy settings step by step. Now, you can simply enable Ghost Mode with one click, ensuring that your WhatsApp activity goes unnoticed by any contacts.

In addition to this exclusive feature, you may also be interested in the following update logs for FM WhatsApp V9.90:

New Features:

  • Added custom media download control for each chat
  • Added old WhatsApp UI style (FMMods > Home > Header > Home UI Style)
  • Added view message edit history (after installing V9.90)
  • Added: Strengthening anti-ban improvements

Enabled Features:

  • Enabled multiple accounts on the same device
  • Enabled adjusting group permissions
  • Enabled new Settings UI
  • Enabled creating a profile with @username, waiting for server activation
  • Enabled adding an email address to your account (Settings > Account)
  • Enabled an option to approve new group members before joining
  • Enabled media preview feature
  • Enabled returning to the original tab order
  • Moved light/dark mode options to FMMods > FMThemes

Fixed Issues:

  • Fixed custom privacy issues for business chats
  • Fixed unclear display of date bubbles while scrolling
  • Fixed color of screen share button during calls
  • Fixed partial text display issue on white theme during calls
  • General bug fixes

It must be said that with careful improvements, FM WhatsApp V9.90 brings a series of significant updates. These changes mark a new milestone for FM WhatsApp. In addition to these delightful features, there are more surprises waiting for you to discover! Download FM WhatsApp V9.90 now and immerse yourself in this exploration, experiencing more user-friendly technology.

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FM WhatsApp V9.82 Download: All-in-One Solution

FM WhatsApp

FM WhatsApp Official

Official Website:

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FM WhatsApp V9.82 is more like a gentle, silent drizzle, making subtle improvements in functionality rather than introducing drastic changes. It meticulously addresses issues found in older versions of FM WhatsApp, delivering a smoother, safer, and feature-rich chat experience. However, you definitely wouldn’t want to miss FM WhatsApp V9.82:

FM WhatsApp V9.82 Download
  • Fixed: Random crash in some chats/groups
    • Some users may have encountered an unfortunate situation: group chats suddenly crashing, forcing you to exit the app. Some may have even lost their chat records. But FM WhatsApp V9.82 brings hope to these users. Simply download and install FM WhatsApp V9.82, and this problem is effectively resolved.
  • Fixed: Crash when opening Story
    • Causing the app to lag when trying to post a FM WhatsApp Story can be quite frustrating, right? That’s why WhatsApp V9.82 has been released to address this issue. Users no longer have to worry about lag when posting or viewing FM WhatsApp Stories.

In addition to these two improvements mentioned above, FM WhatsApp V9.82 also fixes various minor issues. While this may be a small step forward for FM WhatsApp, it’s a significant leap in terms of user experience. Whether it’s improved performance, enhanced privacy protection, or more customization options, FM WhatsApp V9.82 brings users a new high-level communication experience, injecting freshness and convenience into your chat life.

FM WhatsApp V9.81 Download: Get to Know the Newest Features

FM WhatsApp

FM WhatsApp Official

Official Website:

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FM WhatsApp V9.81 – At the beginning of the month, FM WhatsApp officially announced the release of FM WhatsApp V9.81. For enthusiastic users who wish to stay updated and not miss out on the exciting new features that come with FM WhatsApp V9.81, this article will provide you with the treasure trove you’re looking for. Within this article, you will gain in-depth insights into the notable changes and enhancements brought by FM WhatsApp V9.81.

FM WhatsApp V9.81 download

Follow FM WhatsApp latest version performance and problem solving

This update primarily focuses on maintaining the lightning-fast performance of FM WhatsApp and addressing some previously existing issues. It can be categorized into three main parts:

Fixes for Android 13+ Devices:

  1. Addressed storage permission issues on Android 13+.
  2. Resolved problems related to backup restoration on Android 13+
  3. Fixed emoji pack downloads on Android 13+

Fixes for User-Reported Issues

  1. Solved message forwarding crashes reported by some users.
  2. Fixed status privacy crashes that affected specific users.

Refinements for FM WhatsApp Features

  1. Corrected the issue with the WA Navigation unread badge not changing colors.
  2. Resolved problems related to time options.
  3. Fixed occasional video note message download icon disappearance.
  4. Enhanced spacing between quoted messages in conversation threads.

Why Update to FM WhatsApp V9.81?

All the aforementioned issues have been successfully addressed in FM WhatsApp V9.81. Additionally, FM WhatsApp V9.81 has fixed other errors and made improvements. This is why we consistently urge users to update to FM WhatsApp latest version. It not only resolves issues from previous versions but also provides a smoother internet chatting experience. Furthermore, you can continue to follow this website, which offers downloads of the latest FM WhatsApp APK versions, and you’ll always stay informed about the latest news related to FM WhatsApp!

FM WhatsApp V9.80 Download: What’s New and Improved

FM WhatsApp

FM WhatsApp Official

Official Website:

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FM WhatsApp V9.80 – Yesterday, the FouadMods team finally launched the highly anticipated FM WhatsApp V9.80. This version is like a star rising in the night, emitting a dazzling light. The FM WhatsApp V9.80 update is divided into three main sections: Exclusive Features, Enabled Features, and Fixed Features. In this article, we will provide you with a detailed overview of the changes brought by this version, with a particular emphasis on the Exclusive Features.

Exclusive Features:

  • “Mark As Read” Added Inside WhatsApp Chat When Hide Blue Tick Is Enabled
    • This means that FM WhatsApp V9.80 allows you to manually mark messages as read within a chat, even if you have chosen to hide the blue ticks (read receipts). Users familiar with FM WhatsApp know that when you disable the blue tick feature, your contacts won’t see when you’ve read their messages. However, with this new feature, users can manually mark messages as read within the chat, even though the blue ticks remain hidden. This functionality is incredibly convenient, whether in a work or daily life context, as it plays an important role.
  • Message Pinning for 24 Hours, 7 Days, or 30 Days
    • With the FM WhatsApp V9.80 update, you gain the magical ability to control the duration for which messages are pinned. In previous versions of WA Mods or original WhatsApp, pinned messages would remain fixed until manually unpinned or replaced with other messages. However, with FM WhatsApp V9.80, you can choose to pin messages for 24 hours, 7 days, or 30 days. Once the set time elapses, the pinned status will automatically be removed. For users who have long awaited this feature, the day of updating to FM WhatsApp V9.80 will be your celebration day!

Closing Thought

In addition to these, there are other enabled features and fixes, which we will list at the end of the article for your reference and understanding. The advantages brought by this update are significant, not only introducing original features but also resolving many issues present in previous versions. Most importantly, there’s no need to worry about downloading the FM WhatsApp V9.80 update. Simply visit our website, and you can immerse yourself in the vibrant world of FM WhatsApp and securely download the FM WhatsApp V9.80 update!

FM WhatsApp V9.80 Changelog:

  • Exclusive Features:
    • “Mark As Read” Added Inside WhatsApp Chat When Hide Blue Tick Is Enabled
    • Message Pinning for 24 Hours, 7 Days, or 30 Days
  • Enabled Features:
    • Send Quick Video Messages (Tap the Microphone Icon Once)
    • New Navigation Bar UI
    • Send High-Quality Media
    • Share Status on Facebook (Status Tab > Status Privacy)
    • New Save Option for Video Messages
    • Added Option to Hide Play Voice/Video Notes Indicator
    • Icon Next to “Edited” for User Attention
  • Fixed Features:
    • Call Banner Error on the Home Screen
    • Voice Note Banner Error in Single User Interface
    • De-colorization of Everyone as Admin in Groups
    • Hidden Chats Showing in App Icon Shortcut
    • Search in Group Tab
    • Daily Local Backup
    • Crash During Online Payments

Descargar FM WhatsApp V9.74: Programador y Fallo de la App Arreglados

FM WhatsApp

FM WhatsApp Oficial

Página web oficial:

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FM WhatsApp V9.74 – FM WhatsApp V9.74 introduce dos importantes actualizaciones. En primer lugar, se ha resuelto con éxito el problema de bloqueo del Programador de Mensajes. En segundo lugar, se ha solucionado el error que algunos usuarios experimentaban al abrir la app FM WhatsApp en ciertos dispositivos móviles.

  • Solución al Bloqueo del Programador de Mensajes
    • La función del Programador de Mensajes en FM WhatsApp ha ganado gran popularidad entre los usuarios. Esta característica altamente buscada fue introducida específicamente por el equipo de investigación y desarrollo de FM WhatsApp para satisfacer las necesidades de los usuarios y mejorar la experiencia de usuario en comparación con las funciones existentes de WhatsApp. Esta valiosa adición mejora la experiencia general de WhatsApp, ya que la versión original no contaba con esta función. Sin embargo, en la versión anterior, los usuarios se encontraban con un problema recurrente en el que el programador de mensajes se bloqueaba. Con la última actualización, FM WhatsApp V9.74 aborda diligentemente este problema. La actualización garantiza que FM WhatsApp mantenga la función del Programador de Mensajes y preserve los datos establecidos por el usuario, mejorando significativamente la experiencia de usuario en general.
  • Solución a la Inaccesibilidad de la App en Algunos Dispositivos
    • Un subconjunto de usuarios ha experimentado dificultades al intentar abrir FM WhatsApp, lo que resulta en fallos al iniciar la app. En caso de que la memoria disponible en tu dispositivo no sea la causa subyacente del problema, actualizar FM WhatsApp a la versión V9.74 solucionará este problema rápidamente.

Conclusiones Finales

FM WhatsApp V9.74 se dedica a abordar y resolver los problemas mencionados anteriormente. Cada versión demuestra el compromiso de FM WhatsApp de superar las limitaciones históricas y avanzar en consecuencia. Al elegir FM WhatsApp, los usuarios pueden presenciar la evolución y el perfeccionamiento continuo de la app FM WhatsApp. Naturalmente, esta actualización también aborda correcciones generales de errores, con el objetivo de proporcionar a los usuarios una experiencia inigualable que supere a productos similares. Mantente informado suscribiéndote al sitio web oficial,, que brinda constantemente las últimas noticias e información sobre FM WhatsApp y su notable trayectoria de avance.

FM WhatsApp V9.74 İndir: Zamanlayıcı ve Uygulama Çökmeleri Düzeltildi

FM WhatsApp

FM WhatsApp Yetkilisi

Resmi internet sitesi:

FM WhatsApp hakkında daha fazla bilgi için buraya tıklayın

FM WhatsApp V9.74 – FM WhatsApp V9.74, iki önemli güncelleme sunar. İlk olarak, Zamanlayıcı özelliğinin çökme sorunu başarılı bir şekilde çözüldü. İkinci olarak, hata – bazı kullanıcılar belirli mobil cihazlarda FM WhatsApp uygulamasını açarken zorluk yaşamıştır – aynı şekilde çözüldü.

  • Zamanlayıcı Çökmeleri İçin Düzeltme
    • FM WhatsApp’ta Zamanlayıcı özelliği, kullanıcılar arasında büyük popülerlik kazanmıştır. Bu çok aranan özellik, FM WhatsApp Ar-Ge ekibi tarafından özellikle WhatsApp’ın mevcut özelliklerinin üzerine kullanıcı ihtiyaçlarını karşılamak ve gelişmiş bir kullanıcı deneyimi sağlamak için tanıtılmıştır. Bu değerli ek, orijinal WhatsApp’ta bulunmayan Zamanlayıcı özelliğini geliştirir. Ancak önceki sürümde, kullanıcılar zamanlayıcı özelliğinin tekrarlayan bir çökme sorunuyla karşılaştı. En son güncelleme olan FM WhatsApp V9.74, bu soruna titizlikle çözüm getiriyor. Güncelleme, FM WhatsApp’ın Zamanlayıcı özelliğini korurken kullanıcı tarafından belirlenen verileri de koruyarak genel kullanıcı deneyimini önemli ölçüde geliştiriyor.
  • Bazı Cihazlardaki Uygulama Erişilemezliği İçin Çözüm
    • Bazı kullanıcılar FM WhatsApp’ı açmaya çalışırken uygulama başlatmada sorun yaşamıştır. Cihazınızın kullanılabilir belleği sorunun temel nedeni değilse, FM WhatsApp’ı V9.74 sürümüne güncelleyerek bu sorunu hızlıca düzeltebilirsiniz.

Son Düşünceler

FM WhatsApp V9.74, yukarıda belirtilen sorunları ele almak ve çözmeye adanmıştır. Her sürüm, FM WhatsApp’ın tarihsel kısıtlamaları ele almak ve buna göre ilerlemeyi taahhüt etmesini gösterir. FM WhatsApp’ı seçerek kullanıcılar, FM WhatsApp uygulamasının sürekli evrimini ve gelişimini gözlemleyebilirler. Tabii ki, bu güncelleme aynı zamanda genel hata düzeltmelerini de içerir ve benzer ürünlerin ötesinde eşsiz bir kullanıcı deneyimi sunmayı amaçlar. FM WhatsApp ve olağanüstü gelişim yolculuğu hakkında en son haberleri ve içgörüleri düzenli olarak sunan resmi web sitesine,’a abone olarak bilgilerinizden haberdar olabilirsiniz.

FM WhatsApp V9.74 Download: Penjadwal dan Masalah Aplikasi Teratasi

FM WhatsApp

FM WhatsApp Resmi

Situs Web Resmi:

Klik di sini untuk info lebih lanjut tentang FM WhatsApp

FM WhatsApp V9.74 – FM WhatsApp V9.74 memperkenalkan dua pembaruan penting. Pertama, masalah crash fitur Penjadwal Pesan berhasil diatasi. Kedua, bug – beberapa pengguna mengalami kesulitan membuka aplikasi FM WhatsApp di beberapa perangkat seluler – telah diperbaiki juga.

  • Perbaikan Crash pada Penjadwal Pesan
    • Fitur Penjadwal Pesan di FM WhatsApp mendapatkan popularitas besar di kalangan pengguna. Fitur yang sangat dicari ini khususnya diperkenalkan oleh tim R&D FM WhatsApp untuk memenuhi kebutuhan pengguna dan meningkatkan pengalaman pengguna di atas fitur-fitur WhatsApp yang ada. Penambahan berharga ini meningkatkan pengalaman WhatsApp secara keseluruhan, karena WhatsApp asli tidak memiliki fitur ini. Namun, dalam versi sebelumnya, pengguna menghadapi masalah berulang di mana penjadwal pesan akan crash. Dengan pembaruan terbaru, FM WhatsApp V9.74 dengan tekun mengatasi masalah ini. Pembaruan ini memastikan FM WhatsApp mempertahankan fitur Penjadwal Pesan sambil melestarikan data yang telah diatur oleh pengguna, secara signifikan meningkatkan pengalaman pengguna secara keseluruhan.
  • Resolusi untuk Masalah Aksesibilitas Aplikasi pada Beberapa Perangkat
    • Sebagian pengguna mengalami kesulitan saat mencoba membuka FM WhatsApp, yang mengakibatkan gagalnya meluncurkan aplikasi. Jika memori yang tersedia pada perangkat Anda bukan penyebab mendasari masalah tersebut, melakukan pembaruan FM WhatsApp ke versi V9.74 akan memperbaiki masalah ini dengan cepat.

Pikiran Akhir

FM WhatsApp V9.74 berdedikasi untuk mengatasi dan memperbaiki masalah yang disebutkan di atas. Setiap rilis menunjukkan komitmen FM WhatsApp dalam mengatasi batasan sejarah dan berkembang sesuai dengan itu. Dengan memilih FM WhatsApp, pengguna dapat menyaksikan evolusi dan penyempurnaan berkelanjutan dari Aplikasi FM WhatsApp. Secara alami, pembaruan ini juga mengatasi perbaikan bug umum, berusaha untuk memberikan pengalaman pengguna yang tak tertandingi melebihi produk serupa. Tetap informasi dengan berlangganan situs web resmi,, yang secara konsisten menyajikan berita dan wawasan terbaru tentang FM WhatsApp dan perjalanan luar biasanya dalam kemajuan.

Télécharger FM WhatsApp V9.74 : Programmateur et problème de plantage de l’appli résolus

FM WhatsApp

FM WhatsApp Officiel

Site officiel:

Cliquez ici pour plus d’informations sur FM WhatsApp

FM WhatsApp V9.74 – FM WhatsApp V9.74 propose deux mises à jour importantes. Premièrement, le problème de plantage de la fonctionnalité de programmation des messages a été résolu avec succès. Deuxièmement, le bug – certains utilisateurs ont rencontré des difficultés pour ouvrir l’appli FM WhatsApp sur certains appareils mobiles – a également été résolu.

  • Correction du plantage du programmateur de messages
    • La fonctionnalité de programmation des messages dans FM WhatsApp a gagné en immense popularité auprès des utilisateurs. Cette fonctionnalité très demandée a été spécialement introduite par l’équipe de recherche et développement de FM WhatsApp pour répondre aux besoins des utilisateurs et offrir une expérience utilisateur améliorée par rapport aux fonctionnalités existantes de WhatsApp. Cet ajout précieux améliore l’expérience globale de WhatsApp, car WhatsApp d’origine ne disposait pas de cette fonctionnalité. Cependant, dans la version précédente, les utilisateurs rencontraient un problème récurrent où le programmateur de messages plantait. Avec la dernière mise à jour, FM WhatsApp V9.74 traite avec diligence ce problème. La mise à jour garantit que FM WhatsApp conserve la fonction de programmation des messages tout en préservant les données définies par l’utilisateur, améliorant ainsi considérablement l’expérience utilisateur globale.
  • Résolution de l’inaccessibilité de l’appli sur certains appareils
    • Un sous-ensemble d’utilisateurs a rencontré des difficultés lors de la tentative d’ouverture de FM WhatsApp, ce qui entraîne des échecs de lancement de l’appli. Si la mémoire disponible de votre appareil n’est pas la cause sous-jacente du problème, la mise à jour vers FM WhatsApp V9.74 résoudra rapidement ce problème.

Réflexions finales

FM WhatsApp V9.74 est dédié à résoudre les problèmes mentionnés ci-dessus. Chaque mise à jour démontre l’engagement de FM WhatsApp à relever les limitations historiques et à progresser en conséquence. En choisissant FM WhatsApp, les utilisateurs peuvent témoigner de l’évolution continue et de l’amélioration de l’appli FM WhatsApp. Naturellement, cette mise à jour aborde également des corrections générales de bugs, s’efforçant de fournir aux utilisateurs une expérience utilisateur inégalée, dépassant celle de produits similaires. Restez informé en vous abonnant au site web officiel,, qui propose régulièrement les dernières actualités et informations sur FM WhatsApp et son parcours remarquable vers le progrès.

Baixar FM WhatsApp V9.74: Programador e Crash do App Corrigidos

FM WhatsApp

FM Whatsapp Oficial

Website oficial:

Clique aqui para mais definições de FM WhatsApp

FM WhatsApp V9.74 – FM WhatsApp V9.74 apresenta duas atualizações significativas. Primeiramente, o problema de travamento do recurso Programador de Mensagens foi resolvido com sucesso. Em segundo lugar, o bug – alguns usuários tiveram dificuldades para abrir o aplicativo FM WhatsApp em certos dispositivos móveis – também foi resolvido.

  • Correção do Travamento no Programador de Mensagens
    • O recurso Programador de Mensagens no FM WhatsApp ganhou enorme popularidade entre os usuários. Essa característica altamente desejada foi introduzida especificamente pela equipe de pesquisa e desenvolvimento do FM WhatsApp para atender às necessidades dos usuários e oferecer uma experiência aprimorada em relação às funcionalidades do WhatsApp original. Essa adição valiosa melhora a experiência geral no WhatsApp, uma vez que o WhatsApp original não possui essa funcionalidade. No entanto, na versão anterior, os usuários encontravam um problema recorrente em que o programador de mensagens travava. Com a última atualização, o FM WhatsApp V9.74 aborda diligentemente esse problema. A atualização garante que o FM WhatsApp mantenha o recurso de Programador de Mensagens, preservando os dados definidos pelo usuário e melhorando significativamente a experiência geral do usuário.
  • Resolução da Inacessibilidade do App em Alguns Dispositivos
    • Um grupo de usuários enfrentou dificuldades ao tentar abrir o FM WhatsApp, resultando em falhas na inicialização do aplicativo. Caso a memória disponível no seu dispositivo não seja a causa subjacente do problema, atualizar o FM WhatsApp para a versão V9.74 resolverá prontamente esse problema.

Considerações Finais

O FM WhatsApp V9.74 está dedicado a resolver os problemas mencionados acima. Cada versão demonstra o compromisso do FM WhatsApp em enfrentar limitações históricas e progredir conforme necessário. Ao escolher o FM WhatsApp, os usuários podem testemunhar a evolução contínua e o refinamento do aplicativo FM WhatsApp. Naturalmente, essa atualização também aborda correções gerais de bugs, buscando oferecer aos usuários uma experiência superior que supere a de produtos similares. Mantenha-se informado assinando o site oficial,, que oferece constantemente as últimas notícias e informações sobre o FM WhatsApp e sua notável jornada de avanço.