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How to solve the problem of FM WhatsApp APK message delay?

Have you ever experienced a delay in sending messages on FM WhatsApp APK ? It makes you crazy to watch the delayed delivery of messages, even when the network is in excellent condition. You may wonder, why? Is it a problem with the network signal or the FM WhatsApp APK system? Now, let me help you to resolve the confusion.

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If you are in a well-signaled environment, there will still be delays in message delivery. You can try the following measures.

Restart FM WhatsApp APK

The first thing that cannot be ruled out is a problem with the FM WhatsApp system. The FM WhatsApp system may be lagging at that time. You will need to exit FM WhatsApp and re-enter the application.

Restart the Android device

In addition to restarting FM Mod WhatsApp, Occasionally it is likely that the app is not running. 1 quickly enough due to the device.

Clearing the phone cache

This is likely to be the most significant cause of delayed message delivery. Not only do you need to clear FM WhatsApp’s cache, but you also need to clear the junk of your Android phone to free up internal storage space.

Turn off power saving mode

You can also check to see if you have power saving mode turned on. If power saving mode is turned on, you need to turn it off. This is because the power-saving mode will limit the use of some functions to a certain extent, which may result in slower message sending.

Reinstall FM WhatsApp

If none of the above operations can resolve the problem, you may need to uninstall FM WhatsApp and reinstall FM Mod WhatsApp.

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How to Deal with FM WhatsApp Spam

No one likes spam and false advertising. Yet they continue to flood the platforms and have an extremely negative impact on people. FM WhatsApp has also suffered from the invasion of spam. As these spam emails contain malicious content, our personal information is often obtained in the form of online scams, phishing, false advertising and more. Many of us simply know to use the FM WhatsApp customisation, hiding features etc., but are unable to tackle the spam.

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Now I can show you how to identify which ones are spam and how we can stop the spam from appearing frequently on FM WhatsApp.

What is spam?

It’s easy to distinguish spam on FM WhatsApp. Generally the following two situations occur which are most likely to be spam.

Contains suspicious links

Opening a suspicious link is likely to cause your web page to automatically redirect you to another page containing a malware download.

Once you have downloaded it, there is a high risk that this malware will steal your personal information and your other valuable personal data.

Grammatical errors and misspellings

Receiving documents containing grammatical errors and misspellings is no doubt not a regular email. They can look weird, and sometimes the system will automatically identify them as spam and alert you to clean them up in time.

Sometimes, however, these emails are not easily perceived by you or the system as being dangerous. The wording of the texts is somewhat deceptive. They include claims to be from WhatsApp or the FM WhatsApp team, asking you to contact them with your WhatsApp account, or congratulating you on receiving some kind of gift from WhatsApp.

How to deal with FM WhatsApp spam

If you recevied a similar email, you can first check on the official FM WhatsApp website to ensure that the email is legitimate.

You can also choose to change who can see your personal information through your account’s privacy Settings.

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Who Owns FM WhatsApp?

Do you have an in-depth knowledge of who owns FM WhatsApp? More and more people are switching from using the original WhatsApp to using FM WhatsApp in 2023, but, my dear friend, do you have a good understanding of FM WhatsApp? Don’t you ever wonder who owns FM WhatsApp before you use it, and who is the developer of FM WhatsApp? Does it share the same developer as the original WhatsApp? These are the questions we are about to answer for you. Please read on!

FM WhatsApp

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Who owns FM WhatsApp? Because FM WhatsApp has similar features to the original WhatsApp. So many users think they are the product of the same developer. However, this is not true. FM WhatsApp does take its basic features from the original WhatsApp, but it was developed by a different developer. And there are actually two different versions of FM WhatsApp. You can see an overview of the information on FM WhatsApp in the table below.

NameFM WhatsApp APK
R&D TeamHeymods\FouadMODS-Yousef Al-Basha
App TypeInstant messaging WA MOD
Update1 day ago
Version numberV9.62
System RequiredAndroid 5.0+
System Required3,000,000

So you will see that FM WhatsApp has two development teams, one for Heymods and the other for FouadMODS, which is not the same as the original WhatsApp. Heymods’ version of FM WhatsApp goes even further in optimizing the personalized themes that are a feature of FM WhatsApp. This version allows users to create their own themes completely independently, ensuring that your theme is exactly what you want it to be. Fouadmods, on the other hand, does not allow users to create their own themes, but it does offer a Yo theme shop with a large number of themes. You can choose the theme you like from the theme shop.

Well, to answer the question we asked in the first paragraph: who owns FM WhatsApp, the answer is Heymods and Fouadmods, two development teams you can trust. If you want a fully customisable theme, you can choose to download the Heymods version of FM WhatsApp, or if you prefer a ready-made theme, you can choose the Fouadmods version of FM WhatsApp.

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