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How to Send FM WhatsApp Message Without Saving Number

My friend, I’m sure you have moments when you want to send FM WhatsApp message without saving the number. For example, we sometimes need to contact a delivery gay or courier to check on our takeaway or delivery. Or, perhaps you have to send messages to a large number of strangers because of a work requirement. At this point, you will definitely want to ask for help on how to send FM WhatsApp message without saving number.

I guess that the first thing many of you will want to do is to find this feature in the original WhatsApp. But unfortunately, my friend, the original WhatsApp does not offer this feature. It is true that you can freely send WhatsApp messages to your contacts, but in the original WhatsApp, users were not allowed to send messages without saving a number. This is a limitation of the original WhatsApp and you cannot change this in this app.

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This article will give you an alternative idea! You don’t have to choose to download a third-party app specifically for messaging strangers. Instead, you should download FM WhatsApp! Here are the best reasons!

  • Firstly, FM WhatsApp offers all the features that the original WhatsApp has. This means you can just download FM WhatsApp instead of having both FM WhatsApp and the original WhatsApp on your phone, which takes up too much memory, right?
  • Secondly, FM WhatsApp is not as restrictive as the original WhatsApp. You don’t need to download other third-party apps specifically for messaging strangers. As long as you use FM WhatsApp, you can send messages to unknown numbers as often as you like.
  • Finally, FM WhatsApp offers better security. When you use FM WhatsApp, the developers can guarantee that your phone and messages are safe. But using a third-party app can compromise your private information.

So how do you send FM WhatsApp message without saving number? The answer is to use FM WhatsApp directly!

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