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How to Stop Automatic Download in OG WhatsApp?

It’s important to check if automatic downloading is enabled on your OG WhatsApp! Although we all love OG WhatsApp, it can sometimes take up a significant amount of storage space on your phone without you realizing it. When you activate the automatic download feature on OG WhatsApp, it will automatically download photos, audio files, videos, and even files that you have searched for. The worst part is that OG WhatsApp also automatically downloads a large number of files that can consume a lot of mobile data. To prevent excessive damage to your phone’s memory and mobile data, it’s recommended to disable automatic downloads in OG WhatsApp. You should learn how to cancel automatic downloads in OG WhatsApp to keep your phone and mobile data safe.

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Steps to stop automatic download in OG WhatsApp

  • Click the three dots in the upper right corner of OG WhatsApp, and then you will find five choices, click Settings.
  • Please click on the circular pattern. The content we are looking for is hidden in the Data and storage usage.
  • Then under the sub-item of Media automatic downloads, you will see that OG WhatsApp automatically downloads pictures, audio, video, and files when using mobile data. Uncheck all the checkboxes and click OK to save.
  • If you don’t want OG WhatsApp to download automatically when you are connected to Wi-Fi remember to press OK at the end to save.

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