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How to send one time photo on FM WhatsApp ?

As a mod version of WhatsApp, FM WhatsApp has improve a lots of features for people to use. It used to be that when you sent a photo on FM WhatsApp, the person can see it as many times as they want. If you forgot to delete it, it was a disaster. Certainly, you can enable the deletion of a message on FM WhatsApp, but the message can be viewed for a maximum of seven days in total.

As shown in the title, photos marked as “View Once” can only be viewed one time. After the photo you sent is opened by the other person, it will disappear from the chat screen. It also has a two week expiration date, during which time it will also disappear if the other person does not open it.

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Now follow the steps to send the one time photo:

  • Select the contact then enter to the chat page.
  • Click the camera icon at the bottom of the screen to upload a photo or video.
  • Then you will get into the edit page. Now you can tap on the icon which is in the bottom right corner and the icon is like a circle plus a number 1.
  • Now you can send the one time photo. After you sending, it will only show the text of” Photo”. However people can see click on the text and enjoy the photo you’ve sent.
  • Important: Although the photos you send have been set to be viewed only one time, there can still be security risks. For example, if the other person takes a screenshot immediately after receiving the photo you sent, then this photo will be saved.

FM WhatsApp is already working on a variety of new features to meet people’s desire for privacy.

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