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Does FM WhatsApp have ads?

Does FM WhatsApp have ads or not? This is a concern for many users. In the age of Internet information explosion, advertisements are everywhere in browsers and applications, making users uncomfortable. The answer to this question is that the official FM WhatsApp does not contain ads. Why do some users download FM WhatsApp that may contain ads? Here are the reasons.

does fm whatsapp have ads

Firstly, since FM WhatsApp, the official WhatsApp mod, is not available for download directly from Google play, users have to find a website where they can download FM WhatsApp. This also gives the possibility for some people with bad intentions to put ads in FM WhatsApp.

Therefore, as long as the FM WhatsApp APK is downloaded from the official website, it is completely free of any advertisements once you have installed it. So, once you have downloaded FM WhatsApp, as soon as you see that the app contains ads, you should uninstall it and you can download a new FM WhatsApp APK without ads from the official website link below.

Steps to remove FM WhatsApp ads

  1. Back up your data and uninstall the existing FM WhatsApp which has ads
  2. Open the official FM WhatsApp website via your mobile browser
  3. Click on the download button. Download the FM WhatsApp APK to your phone
  4. Install the new FM WhatsApp

FM WhatsApp is ad-free, provided that the user has downloaded the FM WhatsApp APK from the official website! Thus, you can be sure that the FM WhatsApp APK is completely safe and ad-free for free.

fm whatsapp download

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